Are you looking for ways to save on your electricity bill?

Doesn’t the possibility of saving up to 80% on your power bill sound appealing? What’s more, you don’t need to reduce the amount of lighting to benefit from substantial savings. DK Lighting is a South African LED lighting supplier who offers a wide range of LED lights suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Most people are familiar with compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs which themselves help to reduce electricity consumption and last longer than the traditional incandescent bulbs however LED lights offer significant benefits over their counterparts in terms of lifespan, electricity usage and durability to name a few.

As LED lighting suppliers, DK Lighting recognise that massive increases in electricity costs are inevitable so they exist to address the need for individuals and businesses to save of energy costs. When it comes to LED light for sale in South Africa, make DK Lighting your first call.

Compared to traditional light bulbs and tubes, LED lighting lasts between 4 and 40 times longer while consistently producing the same light output during their lifespan. This means you won’t need to replace LED lights as often as traditional lights and globes. Perhaps the key advantage of LED lighting is borne in their efficiency. With the ability to achieve 80% efficiency, this means 80% of electrical energy is converted to light energy. Therefore less energy is required to produce the same amount of light produced by conventional lighting. Naturally, the saving on energy and replacement cost speaks for themselves. This will be particularly appealing to businesses, factories and warehouses. Unlike other lighting methods, LED lights do not contain Mercury which is harmful to the environment if not disposed of responsibly. With so much to offer, it makes sense to contact DK Lighting for all your LED lighting solutions.

Did you know that LED lighting is available for a wide variety of applications?

So you want to take advantage of all the benefits LED lighting has to offer but are unsure if there is an equivalent to your existing lights. DK Lighting are LED lighting suppliers and are experts in the field when it comes to LED lights for sale South Africa. From LED tube lights, outdoor LED lights and a whole host more, DK Lighting are wholesale LED light suppliers.

The range of LED lighting DK Lighting has to offer includes ceiling lights, downlights, flood lights, highbay lights, track lights, LED bulbs and LED tube lights. DK Lighting even offers LED street lights. With variants in power consumption and luminosity available within each category of product, there certainly is an energy saving, cost saving LED alternative solution available for your particular lighting requirement. DK Lighting believes LED lighting in South Africa is the way of the future and therefore specialise in in this field, assisting both domestic and commercial consumers to combat escalating energy costs. Call DK Lighting and discover the benefits of alternative lighting and lighting products.